Friday, 14 December 2012

African /European Food Recipes-Which Continent Has The Best Food Recipes?

What Do You Think Of These Nigerian Foods?

I have a friend from the Western world who told me that she can never taste rice in her life again and that the first time she tasted it, she doesn't find it palatable and nutritional enough. I was really marveled at her word because in Africa we usually think that rice is the only close food recipe we share with the western world. I also felt so intimidated that I could not respond to that because I know, I like rice very much and that for me as long as it contains all the necessary ingredients to make it a balanced diet, it is o.k. I was even more surprised that most westerners don’t know how to cook rice because contrary to what we think here, they have many different food recipes which they rate higher than rice the so called "giant of African and Asian food”.
What do you think? Which food recipe would you prefer, locally made food recipes from your continent or inter-continental dishes. Which continent has the best recipes of food? Which continent’s food is more delicious and nutritious? Africans mostly eat freshly prepared food.The western world on the other hand eat more of processed food though they also eat freshly prepared foods. Is there any benefit a freshly cooked food has over the processed ones? If yes, what are they? Let’s share your thought! Can one be malnourished eating processed food? Is there also the possibility of getting malnourished eating the freshly prepared food? In my opinion, I think that what matters is to eat a good balanced meal with all the essential nutrients needed by the body, irrespective of whether it is processed or freshly prepared. I am not talking as a professional in the food and health industry but as a lay man just pondering over the variety of nature.

One man’s food can be another man’s poison; they say. Nature is such a wonderful thing. It has provided us with the variety we have today in every aspect of human life; food and feeding habits inclusive. I think it is necessary that we respect people’s differences, likes and dislikes. That they don’t think or act our own way doesn't make them bad. Variety in life is just unavoidable.Nature has made it imperative that these varieties will exist. It is commonly said that Variety is the spice of life. If we cannot eat the food of people from other continents of the world, we should not condemn them as people eating inappropriate foods.You probably couldn't eat all the variety of foods even some among your continent’s favorite recipes. We should learn to tolerate one another for happy co-existence. Are you a good cook? Can you prepare palatable Nigerian recipes that are not only good to the eyes but also good for the stomach? What do you think of these Nigerian recipes? Feel free to live a comment if you wish.
Before I conclude I must say that there are many English cuisines I particularly liked and enjoyed just by merely trying them. We learn every day.We could lose brilliant opportunities by not trying. We become better and more polished individuals when we give varieties a try. God has made humans very resilient and pliable. If we are lucky enough to discover this innate ability in us as humans, sky will not only be our limits but a stepping stone for a greater height. Whether in terms food cuisines or food recipes and in fact every aspect of our human life and daily endeavor, variety is the spice of life.

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