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How To Prepare Nigerian Native Popular Vegetable Soup- (Edikang Ikong Soup)

Vegetable soup and meat

Nigerian famous vegetable soup - Edikang Ikong Soup is very rich and nutritious and one of the Nigerian/ African meal you must try if you haven’t yet tried one. Everything to cook it could be obtained fresh which means all the essential diets and nutrients are intact. You are therefore assured of getting all the essential nutrients required for your body upkeep when you eat a well prepared Nigerian vegetable soup with of course its accompaniment-fufu, eba, pounded yam, amala, semovita, tuwo chinkafa and so on.

For people who really know the value of this nutritious and delicious food which is especially aboriginal to the Efiks and completely enjoyed and appreciated among aficionado and enthusiasts of excellent food throughout  the country. There are scores of folklore attached to this superb soup but we will show through the ingredients and the recipe that it is nothing more than a mere nutritious vegetable soup which is essential for the total and complete nourishment of your body.

vegetable soup with okazi

Ingredients for cooking Nigerian famous nourishing vegetable soup

To cook the soup, you will need:

About I kg / 21b assorted meats such as beef, cow tail, tripe, kpomo or cow skin, chicken, goat meat or bush meat

About 6 snails properly washed with alum, lemon or limes

About 450g / llb of stockfish properly washed and soaked a night before the cooking

About 450g / llb dry fish totally and completely washed and the bones removed 

Approximately 450g/ llb periwinkles completely washed and the shells removed.

Next, add about 22 5 g / 8oz totally dry prawns properly washed

Also add 225g / 8oz grounded crayfish

Add 1 average sized onion
Put 1.35kg/3 lb unsullied and clean ugu- pumpkin leaves completely washed and chopped.

Add 1 kg /21b clean waterleaf chopped and washed as well as shredded Okazi leaf.

Add about 200ml of palm oil.
About 600ml / lpt stock
Add pinch of salt and some magi to taste

The meat should completely washed put in a big cooking pot. Put a quantity of chopped onions, pounded pepper and a few meat stocks. Turn on your cooker and cook for about 30 minutes. While it is cooking, shell the snail and wash properly with lime, lemon or alum to remove the slimy liquid. Thoroughly wash the dry fish with salted water. You can leave the fish soaking in the salted water for about 5 minutes to exterminate any agent and untie any sand or dirt.

Wash the periwinkle thoroughly with lots of cold water and put together with the snails, stockfish, dry fish and dry prawns into the pot of meat and cook for additional 15 minutes top up extra stock if necessary. At the expiration of the 15 minutes, add the chopped okazi, ugu-pumpkin leaves and waterleaf and turn the mixture appropriately. 

vegetable soup and Eba
Leave the whole mixture to simmer on low heat for another 10 – 15 minutes adding the measured palm oil and crayfish. Allow the properly mixed soup to cook on low heat for another 10 minutes until well cooked. Turn off the fire and serve the soup with cassava fufu, eba, pounded yam, semovita , tuwon chin kafa or amala  and the like for a well balanced  meal.

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